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2020-03-27 12:04:02
The cost of the site Ekaterinburg 💰 | website Promotion – price Ekaterinburg | the Cost of website promotion in Ekaterinburg

The prices for services of web-Studio "RESTZEIT"

Creation of sites
 Landing Page from the 49 000 ₽
 Business website from the 69 000 ₽
 Online store under the key from the 89 000 ₽
 Large enterprise site plant from the 119 000 ₽
SEO - Search engine optimization
 SEO, rate city 12 000 ₽/month.
 SEO, rate big city 15 000 ₽/month.
 SEO, rate region 30 000 ₽/month.
 SEO, rate country 50 000 ₽/month.
Contextual advertising
 Configure the ads (I/G) from the 5 000 ₽
 Control of advertisements (I/G) from the 6 000 ₽/month.
 All inclusive (I/G) from the 7 000 ₽/month.
 Setting of advertising (I+G) from the 7 000 ₽
 Control of advertisements (I+G) from the 8 000 ₽/month.
 All inclusive (I+G) from the 12 000 ₽/month.
SMM - Promotion in social networks
 1 social network from the 9 000 ₽/month.
 2 the social network from the 16 000 ₽/month.
 3 the social network from the 20 000 ₽/month.
 Design group from the 5 000 ₽/month.
 Targeting from the 9 000 ₽/month.
Technical support
 Simple to modify from the 1 000 ₽/month.
 Monthly support from the 10 000 ₽/month.
 Serious revision from the 20 000 ₽/month.
 Hosting renewal and domain from the 5 000 ₽per year.
SERM - reputation Management
 Rate: Image from the 10 000 ₽/month.
 Rate: Reputation from the 15 000 ₽/month.
 Rate: the opinion Leader from the 25 000 ₽/month.
Mobile app
 Adaptation of the website from the 150 000 ₽
 Standard development from the 490 000 ₽
 Complex development from the 990 000 ₽
Google page speed
 Optimization from the 10 000 ₽
 A website audit from the 5 000 ₽


The cost of The site is an important issue of interest to all customers. However, immediately clear answer is unlikely to succeed, since the price development of a web resource depends on many factors. Before you bill the client for the cost of promotion of the site the contractor shall be familiar with the requirements and wishes of the customer. And already on their basis to define future functionality and site structure. For example, the cost of the site in Yekaterinburg for major online shop will be much greater than for the small small website.

The price of website promotion in Yekaterinburg

The price of website promotion in Yekaterinburg is formed considering different factors.

  1. The cost of domain and hosting. As for domains, they can be both free and very costly. It all depends on their popularity. Hosting can also be free. Only here a large-scale Internet projects still need certain cost.
  2. CMS. To develop and ensure the functionality of the web resource programmers “Restzeit” use Joomla and Bitrix.
  3. Planning the structure of a web resource. The price of website promotion at a basic stage of development is minimal. Do not skimp on the semantic kernel acquisition.
  4. Setup functionality. To configure the control system sites for large and serious projects without the involvement of professionals is unlikely to succeed.
  5. Development and execution of the design. Our Studio is for each project creates a unique design.
  6. Filling the site with content. To get the fastest result it is best to seek to the appropriate Department.
  7. Provision of technical support. For the realization of stable operation, any web project needs to technical support.

Request a call back on the website of the web Studio “Restzeit”, You can get a free detailed consultation. Our specialists will answer all Your questions and clarify details of the project.

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